Applicants must meet the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan. (The amended regulations are published on the MOE website. Application eligibility is subject to the most updated version of the Regulations. Applicants are advised to pay close attention to the latest updates on the MOE website at : 


Application Period

Admission Notification

New Student Registrationt

Fall semester 2020

January 7-March 16, 2020*

May, 2020

September, 2020

Spring semester 2021

April 1-April 30, 2020

June, 2020

February, 2021

Fall semester 2021

August 3-November 16, 2020**

January, 2021

September, 2021

Spring semester 2022

March 1-April 30, 2021

June, 2021

February, 2022

* The application deadline for Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development is March 30, 2020.
** The application period for the collaboration between TaiwanICDF Scholarship and Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development for Fall 2021 is from March 1 to March 30, 2021.


【Online Application】
【Admission Evaluation】Document review
【Required Documents】
I.           Autobiography in Chinese
II.         Proof of Chinese language profiency or experience of learning the Chinese language 
III.       Research proposal in Chinese or English or Japanese 
IV.     Diploma and transcript of undergraduate program
I.          Program with Japanese taught courses.
II.        The admitted students, if not having enrolled on the specified dates, can apply to retain their admission status and postpone their studies to the next academic year.
III.       Admitted students shall take the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (Level 3: Intermediate-high on the reading comprehension exam), which is held by Steering Committee for the Test of Proficiency-Huayu before registration. Those who do not reach the proficiency level shall take Chinese language courses as required.
【How to apply】
Please visit the website:
For further information, please call: 886-2-7749-1188.


 Applicants must be holders of: 
1.A bachelor’s degree from a university or college validated by the Ministry of Education.
2. An equivalent certificate.
【Admission Evaluation】Document review
【Required Documents】
I.      Autobiography in Chinese (3 copies)
II.     Proof of Chinese language profiency or experience of learning the Chinese language (3 copies) (Overseas Taiwan schools or national and regional applicants in Chinese as official languages are exempt from Chinese or Chinese language proficiency)
III.    Research proposal in Chinese or English or Japanese (3 copies)
IV.    Diploma and transcript of undergraduate program (3 copies)
【How to apply】
Recruitment of oversea students is held by University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Student, Please go to their website:
For further information, please call the Office Academic Affairs: 886-2-7749-1188
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