Degree Program

Development The Graduate Institute of Taiwan History (GITH) was founded on August 1st, 2004 in accordance with the National Significant Culture Policy. The research and teaching of the GITH emphasizes on Regional Studies, Social and Cultural History, Paleo-History, and Economic History of Taiwan, etc. It’s hoped that these areas would cultivate students’ understanding of the dynamic and multidimensional development of Taiwan history. We also place a strong emphasis on the historical theory, literature, historical materials, as well as the fieldwork.

A. Course

Master’s degree

 I.    Minimum credits requirement:28 credits(required courses 4 credits, selective courses 24 credits).

 II.   Required courses : Seminar in Taiwan Historical Materials and the Research Method of Taiwan History(I)、(II).

 III.  Upon graduation, our alumni generally follow a career in either culture-related institutions (museums, government offices, cultural foundations, art magazines, etc.) or tourism-related companies (travel agencies, the hotel industry) or academic research institutions or middle school teacher.


B. Foreign Language Proficiency Test (for students enrolled after 2013)

For Non-English native speakers:

GEPT High-Intermediate Level; or

TOEFL iTP 460; or

TOEFL iBT 57; or

IELTS 4; or

TOEIC 550; or


For Non-Mandarin native speakers:

TOCFL B1 (Level 3); or